Upcoming Events

I’ll be presenting two workshops at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (Friday, July 26, 2019). Swing by and say hello!

Training the Transfeminine Singing Voice (1:45-2:45 p.m., Room 122A)

Transfeminine and non-binary singers taking estrogen and/or testosterone blockers have a different vocal experience than transmasculine singers taking testosterone, as their vocal anatomy does not change in the same way. This workshop will focus on training methods for the transfeminine singer, both those who want to continue singing tenor/bass and those who wish to explore singing alto/soprano. Despite widespread misconceptions, it IS possible. We will also cover what to expect, how the voice functions, and how to cope with the psychological elements of the transgender singing voice.

Training the Transmasculine Singing Voice (3:00-4:00 p.m., Room 122A)

Transmasculine and non-binary singers taking testosterone experience a significant vocal change, one that often comes with several vocal issues, such as upper range loss, fatigue, inability to project, and cracking. Vocal method books do not sufficiently address vocal health and function of the TGNC voice or the psychological effects of a vocal transition. This workshop will guide singers taking (or considering taking) testosterone through the physiological changes, navigating vocal problems, what to expect, vocal health, and coping with mental effects related to the vocal transition.

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